Building a Better Custom Jersey Experience

When I started OT Wear Custom Jerseys, I wanted to take a new approach to jersey design and manufacturing. I started off exactly where you are — as a customer — ordering custom jerseys to help promote a brand.  I always had issues with my orders arriving on time, and they were wrong when they finally came.  No company seemed to truly care. After trying several companies and having the same experience, I quit looking for custom jerseys. Instead, I decided to see if I could come up with a better way.


Creating a personal relationship with each customer is the foundation of OT Wear Custom Jerseys. We begin by offering an easy and convenient online ordering process that keeps you involved and works on your schedule.  This insures that we get accurate, error free information while giving you the very best service.  We were customers first and we understand what customers want.  We don’t want to be the biggest custom jersey manufacturer, just the best.

Our mission is to bring certainty, dependability and reliability to the Custom Jersey market by providing durable, comfortable, UV sun protection fabrics and cutting edge designs.

Investing in the Future of Fishing

At OT Wear Custom Jerseys, we do more than just make jerseys; we help anglers and companies use our jerseys as a true marketing tool.  We believe that young anglers are our industry’s future, and we are committed to helping high schools and colleges create a distinct design that brings awareness to their school and to the sponsors who help them out.


College and high school teams need sponsors to help pay for tournament fees and other expenses that schools don’t necessarily have the funds to cover. A team needs to be able to establish a unique look for their school while still showcasing the team’s sponsors who help with the financial burden of competing.  Our vision is to inspire, encourage and support youth and adults to be more involved in outdoor activities. We also want to raise awareness for the benefits of using fabrics that provide UV protection to protect your skin now and into the future.