Immediately made the competition feel sub-par.

March 27, 2018 in College reviews, Reviews

On behalf of the Murray State Bass Anglers, I would like to commend OT for their outstanding customer service and exceptional products. We received our jerseys in a timely manner, exactly how we wanted them, and they looked even better than we expected! When I put on my OT jersey for the first time, it immediately made the competition feel sub-par. Working with OT has been a pleasure compared to past experiences with jersey manufacturers. They are always there when I need to get in contact with them, and they’ve kept me informed throughout the whole process. These are the most comfortable, breathable, and professional jerseys I have ever had the privilege to wear. To say that we are happy would be an understatement.

– Nick Inzeo & Murray State Bass Anglers

Second to none.

March 25, 2018 in Reviews

My Stankxbaitco/Dead On Plastic jersey is awesome. Thank you so much! If you want a jersey that meets the design and image of your brand and sponsors then you should contact OT Wear Performance Apparel. They don’t just slap logos on a shirt. They work with you and your sponsors to develop a custom, eye popping, one of a kind jersey that is second to none. When the owner calls to discuss your expectations you realize you’re not dealing with “Run of the Mill” customer service. You just don’t see this anywhere else. The staff was patient and helpful through the entire process. I love it. Thank you so much OT Wear! I won’t go anywhere else.

– Sean Buntin

We can’t say enough positive things

March 22, 2018 in Organization reviews, Reviews

We can’t say enough positive things about Outdoor Techwear, Keith, and his staff. We needed a quick delivery for a tournament our team was preparing for and OT stepped up and delivered. Want to learn about customer service… try OT!

Paul, Fishing for Muscular Dystrophy

These are AWESOME

March 22, 2018 in Organization reviews, Reviews

My gear just showed up, EXCELLENT fit and I’ve never worn a more comfortable performance shirt…these are AWESOME! OTWear did a killer job!  Pick yours up today.

Tackle Junky

Unmatched in quality and comfort.

March 22, 2018 in Pro reviews, Reviews

Thank you OT you truly make the best jerseys in the business. I have been wearing jerseys for years and my OT jerseys in unmatched in quality and comfort.

Scott Martin, professional angler

I couldn’t be happier!

March 22, 2018 in Reviews

Just received my jersey about 2 weeks earlier than expected, I’m absolutely blown away, hands down the detail and design is unlike any other jersey company! Keith and Ashley made it a great experience and I couldn’t be happier!

Justin Pittman

The process was something no other company has ever made it be; fun, quick, and easy.

March 22, 2018 in Organization reviews, Reviews

Outdoor Technologies has blown me out of the water with the way they create art in apparel. I was contacted by Mr. Pittman (the company’s owner) and immediately wanted to have a jersey designed by this company. He gave me a number to call and we had an hour long conversation on how he creates every jersey or custom print. I was immediately astounded. All information went through him — no secretaries, no automated messages, no second hand information, just straight from the source itself. Then the design process arrives, everyones least favorite part, unless you are working with Outdoor Technologies! Every jersey is custom crafted, and none of them start with a pre-designed pattern! They even can create logos if you don’t have one! The process was fast and any kind of adjustments I needed, they did quickly and executed flawlessly! After the final proof was signed off on, I knew I had the best looking jersey around. I was given notice that I would receive my jersey and custom shirts within 30 days. I received them within 20 days instead! When I tore open the packages I was astounded by what I was holding, the jersey was way better than I could have ever expected! Once I put it on, it was glued to my chest and I could not take it off, it was the most comfortable jersey I had ever worn! It is light and durable, and is vented so well it truly takes work to break a sweat in it! The custom athletic shirts are even more comfortable and feel as if you aren’t even wearing a shirt at all! The process was something no other company has ever made it be; fun, quick, and easy. They have comfortable, affordable athletic gear that will leave you speechless, just like it did to me. If you need any custom apparel; whether it be for a sporting event, or just a few shirts for the friends, you need to try Outdoor Technologies! The folks at Outdoor Technologies are the best at what they do, and I know I will never buy from any other jersey company again!

Billy Burt

By far the best!

March 22, 2018 in Reviews

100% custom design…. in 3 weeks I had the jersey in hand. I have done business with many companies and this one is by far the best.  No crazy emails back and forth, it was “I’m looking for this,” sent my logos and after a phone call or two it was done.  I would give 10 stars if possible: an extra 5 for the customer service, the first 5 was because the American made jersey was over the top!!

Sam Currens

We couldn’t be happier.

March 22, 2018 in Organization reviews, Reviews

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Keith and getting to know him over the past several years. I called him a few weeks ago to ask if he could rush a few jerseys for my wife and I to wear to the annual franchisee convention for Coastal Angler Magazine. He told me no problem and promised they would arrive by 9/21. Within two days, he sent me a proof for approval. We received the jerseys two days early on 9/19. The jerseys fit perfectly and the quality is second to none. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you Keith Pittman and OutdoorTechWear for going above and beyond. We will be ordering some more jerseys in the near future.

Gene Dyer, Editor and Publisher, Coastal Angler Magazine Fort Lauderdale

I definitely recommend OT

March 22, 2018 in Reviews

I thought they had great service my jersey was sent to me in the time they gave me. I definitely recommend them and I will also be ordering another one for myself.

William Boles

5 out of 5, I will never be ordering from anyone else!

March 22, 2018 in College reviews, Reviews

Hi everyone! Tony Schultz here with VMI Bass Fishing. I don’t think there is way to put into words how helpful and efficient Keith and company were over at OT. My original order with another jersey company had left me stranded and without a jersey for multiple upcoming events. After talking with Keith, I had a jersey designed, ordered and delivered in time for my first event. OT is 100%, 5 out of 5, and I will never be ordering from anyone else other than OT!

Tony Schultz
VMI Bass Fishing

The best experience

March 22, 2018 in College reviews, Reviews

A huge thank you to OT! We are so excited to get our new jerseys and they look sick! We had the best experience working with Keith and his team to get exactly what we wanted and design a jersey that is unprecedented and delivered on time! Be sure to tell them CNU sent you.


I loooove my jersey!

March 22, 2018 in Reviews

I really can’t say enough about how great OT have been to work with!
Best customer service anyone could have! AND I loooove my jersey!


Absolutely amazing job!

March 22, 2018 in Reviews

My jerseys are on the way and I cannot be more pumped for the 2018 fishing season. Shout-out to OT for the absolutely amazing job. The quality of the product and the professionalism of their company really does set them apart from the rest. Anyone needing fishing jerseys, give them a call and tell them I sent you.


I am beyond impressed!

March 22, 2018 in Reviews

2018 Jerseys arrived today! I was worried since my season starts months earlier than normal. I would have had trouble but OT knew the companies I used before, promised the best custom jerseys I had ever worn and delivered on time. I am beyond impressed with OT!

#rangerlineboats  ·  #collinsboating

Without a doubt the best

March 21, 2018 in Pro reviews, Reviews

These are without a doubt the best fishing jerseys I have ever worn, and with 51 years of fishing national tournaments, we’ve been through a few! OT will work with you or your club or team to make sure yours is as perfect as mine!! God Speed!!!
– Jimmy Houston

They brought to life what I envisioned my jersey to be!

March 21, 2018 in Organization reviews, Reviews

OT out did themselves!  By far this jersey is top notch.  It exceeded my expectations in quality, design, customer service and length of time from design to finished product.  I have had jerseys made by other companies and for the cost, the quality just isn’t there, but with OT it was.  Very pleased with my jersey, it is lightweight, has 50+ UV protection and a perfect fit.  Their attention to detail is amazing. They brought to life what I envisioned my jersey to be…and did I mention, it’s all made in the USA!!
– Jim Laduca, Tackle Junky

OT has made a customer for life!

March 21, 2018 in Organization reviews, Reviews

It has been a pleasure working with Keith and the crew at outdoor tech wear, everything from the customer service to the quality product they offer. I contacted outdoor tech when I was referred to them for custom out door clothing and tournament fishing jerseys. What first started off as an inquiry about a custom shirt for myself turned into a two hour phone call with the owner Keith, about an idea I had for my own business regarding apparel for a brand I created in the fishing community. After 5 minutes on the phone it was evident I was talking with a quality, respectful, family man who understood what it meant to have an idea with limited resources. This conversation turned into a partnership of sorts and Keith has expended every resource he has built through years of hard work to get me up and running in a way I never thought possible. From custom artwork from his graphic designers, to 3D renderings of the apparel as a finished product, even recommending and guiding me through the legal process of acquiring trademarks for my brand. Now let’s talk about the quality….. oh my! The hooded performance hoodie is THE MOST COMFORTABLE performance shirt I’ve ever put on. The quality, right down to the tag that is also sublimated into the fabric absolutely blew me away. I’m proud to say OT has made a customer for life!
Steve Vullo – FWA

Everything you look for when buying a fishing jersey!

March 21, 2018 in Pro reviews, Reviews

I have purchased fishing jerseys from 3 different companies before OT. Not a single one’s quality is in the same ball park as OT! Let alone the wonderful customer service and crazy fast turn around time! OT is everything you look for when buying a fishing jersey! A high quality product, outstanding customer service, comfortable, affordable prices, USA made, and you will have your jersey delivered on time! Thanks OT!

-Bailey Boutries

Service that is unmatched.

March 16, 2018 in College reviews, Reviews

Wow!!! OT Wear is incredible to work with. OT Wear isn’t just some company that sends you through an automated system or a secretary where you are left out in the dry to eventually end up having to leave a voicemail and hope someone calls back. Keith Pittman, the owner, is incredible at what he does and will make sure that the product you receive is exactly what you want. OT goes out of their way to provide phenomenal customer service from the start. OT had us from day one with their quick responses, desire to help, and really putting it all out on the line for our team. Our first conversation with Keith lasted at least an hour as he told us about his journey to creating this company and building it from the ground up. We reached out to OT because we really needed to make a personal connection with someone who was willing to take our jerseys to the next level. If you want a company that is going to make your customers feel like they are just as important as anyone else and that they’ve got a company that they can trust in, this is the company for you. This company has shown us customer service that is unmatched. This means just as much to the owner of the company, Keith, as it does to us, the consumer. Keith reached out to us with any questions, any ideas, and really made our jersey what it is… incredible. Our jerseys came our incredible, better than we could have ever imagined, and incorporated many different ideas that for us were even hard to visualize coming together. BUT OT Wear really made it happen. It’s not everyday you get a group of guys into a room and have their jaws drop at how good their tournament wear looks and how excited they are to get those jerseys out on the water. To Keith and everyone else at OT, we can’t thank you enough for working so hard with us to make our jerseys. We have created a lasting friendship and are glad to have you apart of our fishing family.

If you want a company that’s personable and will go over and above your expectations, look no further than OT Wear.

— Anna Patterson, Presbyterian College of South Carolina

Not simply a number on an invoice.

October 31, 2017 in Reviews

Our team – Michigan State Fishing Club – was contacted by Mr. Pittman and he made sure OT Wear were the last jersey provider we would contact again. From the very first conversation, yes I said conversation, Mr. Pittman seemed to hold our best interests and that continues today. His passion and commitment to growing the sport beyond just selling products is obvious. When choosing OT, you will feel as though you are valued as an individual and not simply a number on an invoice. Their attention to detail and willingness to work with customers in such a personalized market is far beyond what one would expect from a company. We are confident that our jerseys will turn out correctly and be of high quality. That said, if they are not what you expected, the team at OT has been very open to feedback. In fact, in our experience Mr. Pittman personally called to make sure our jerseys arrived and were up to his standard. Compared to our past providers, there is no comparison to how efficiently you will serviced by the OT team. Thank You OT!

– Jacob Murray

Best Fitting Shirt Ever

October 23, 2017 in Reviews

As being part of a new and upcoming company we have decided to go with Outdoor Tech wear to produce the products that we represent. I received the first shirt for the company FWA Fishing Apparel and I can say hands down this the most comfortable best fitting shirt I have EVER worn. Super light, material is perfection, and the designs that were chosen were executed perfectly. I will proudly wear this product and represent it to my fullest potential. Thank you Outdoor Tech for what you do. These outdoor clothing companies have a storm coming for them!

– Elliot Larose, FWA